Executive Board

The Executive Board will act as the policy body coordinating transportation planning and related activities within the Lake Havasu Metropolitan Organization (LHMPO) area. The Board must approve all agreements and contracts and the Chair, or designee, must sign all appropriate documents related to contracts and agreements of the LHMPO. 

The Lake Havasu Metropolitan Organization (LHMPO) Executive Board consists of four elected officials, one appointed official and one ex-officio.


Technical Advisory Commitee

The Lake Havasu MPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) responsibility is to conduct technical reviews and analysis of all work activity in the LHMPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), the Unified Planning Work Program and for projects as directed by the Executive Board. After completion, all technical reviews and analysis will be presented to the Executive Board. 

The Lake Havasu Metropolitan Organization Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consists of five members representing: Lake Havasu City, Mohave County, ADOT, WACOG and FHWA.


Due to the small size of LHMPO, Sub Committees may be formed to assist in addressing reviews and analysis of projects not in the direct responsibility of the TAC members. These projects may include public transit planning, bike and walking paths adjacent to roadways.